Hey there!

I’m Taylor Doster, a multi-passionate illustrator, designer, entrepreneur, and the face behind Doster Paper Co. Outside of my online shop, I provide thoughtful creative solutions to other small businesses through custom illustration, branding, and graphic design services. When I’m not working, you’ll find me exploring new places with my husband and (almost!) 1 year old, trying new plant-based recipes, and creating to-do lists of things I’ve already done because crossing them off is just that satisfying.

Nostalgic illustrations + paper goods are at the heart of my online shop, and it all started with the Buffalo Alphabet print. I’d worked on it for weeks; polling my friends on Instagram to determine what each letter would be, fine-tuning the illustrations, prepping a handful of prints, and anxiously hoping I’d sell just one. I sold six prints that night, cried, and then realized I had no shipping supplies. In true impatient-perfectionist-Taylor fashion, I hopped in the car, arrived at Office Depot minutes before they closed, and the rest is history.

When I set out to capture my hometown through a series of illustrations, I never imagined eventually seeing my work on the walls of strangers’ homes or forming relationships with local shops that wanted to share my work with their customers. Nothing quite matches the joy I feel with every order that comes through, and I am eternally grateful for this little community that supports, encourages, and motivates me each day.

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